Look through the following questions and see if any match a question you have.  If they do, click on them to find the answer.

How much does it cost to attend PRCC?

Can I get a state or federal grant or loan, and are scholarships available?

What are the qualifications for admission to PRCC and how do I apply?

Is there someone who can help me choose a career?

I need to know if PRCC offers the classes I need for my academic major.  Where do I find out?

I want to go to a college for a couple of years then get a good paying job.  Can I do that at PRCC?

I need to train for a job quickly.  Does PRCC offer programs that last less than 2 years?

What does PRCC's campus look like?

What kind of athletic programs does PRCC offer?

What kind of extra-curricular activities does PRCC have?  Is there life after class?

Where can I request a catalog or more information?

Can I apply for admission online?

If you can't find your answer here, we will be happy to meet with you, talk with you on the phone or correspond with you via email or regular mail.

To meet with us or call us, call:  601-403-1197 or call toll free at 877-772-2338 (877-PRCCEDU). 

Email: recruitment@prcc.edu

Regular mail:  Pearl River Community College, Office of Recruitment and Orientation, 101 Highway 11 North, Poplarville, MS   39470

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