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The primary purpose of the Malone Chapel is to provide the students, faculty, staff and alumni a peaceful place for quiet meditation to ease their many anxieties as well as to ponder their various opportunities.

Fee Schedule

A fee of $350 will be charged for use of the Chapel for non-college events such as weddings.  These fees are in no way a rental fee for the use of the building.  The fees cover the custodial and  operational expenses in using the facility as well as for an operator of the sound system and a college representative to supervise.  All facility expenses must be paid at least two weeks prior to the event.  The fees will be in accordance with the following regulations:

 • Payment of the fees allows access to the Chapel for planning (limited number  of visits) and for the day of the event.  In the case of a wedding it also allows for the rehearsal.  NOTE: If access is needed for more than the allowed  number of days, an additional fee will be charged.
 • The College will provide the sound system and the musical instruments (piano  and organ) for the event.  The user will be responsible for providing a pianist and/or organist.  
 • The user will provide all other desired accessories and equipment.
 • Facilities will be inspected for damage and the user will be assessed any repair costs.
 • If an event is cancelled, a full refund of fees will be made if  the cancellation   occurs  at  least  one  month  prior  to  the  event  date.  After the one month deadline, only a 50 percent refund will be given if the event is cancelled.
 • The user must sign and comply fully with all terms of the Pearl River  Community College Malone Chapel Agreement.

Dates for events will not be confirmed until a Use of Facility Agreement Form has been completed and the PRCC President’s Office has received a $100 deposit.  If a cancellation is made at least one month before the date of the event a full refund will be given; a 50 percent refund of this deposit will be given if cancelled after the month.

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