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ID Cards
Students are required to show valid PRCC ID cards when checking out books from the Libraries, using reserve materials in the libraries, using computers in the libraries, and viewing videocassettes or using computers in the Learning Labs.

General Collection Circulation Policy
Any current PRCC student or employee may check out books at the Libraries on the Poplarville, Hattiesburg and Hancock campuses.  Books are checked out for a two week period, and may be renewed if not on hold.  If books are not returned, borrowers are blocked from checking out other books pending return of materials or payment of replacement costs.  Students must return all books and pay fines before the end of each semester.

Reference Books And Reserves Circulation Policy
Reference books, reserve materials, magazines, and microfilm/microfiche do not circulate outside the libraries.  Reserve items may be requested at the circulation desks.

The United States Copyright Act of 1976 makes it a crime to photoduplicate any and all copyrighted materials.  Portions of copyrighted articles may be photocopied for study and other educational purposes.  The law further prohibits making copies of computer programs, which are copyrighted.

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Service Policy
ILL services are offered to all Pearl River Community College students and faculty.  This service is free provided that the lending institution sends the material at no charge to PRCC.  If the lending institution charges a fee, the student or faculty member that requested the material is responsible for payment before the request for the material is confirmed with the lending institution.

Mississippi Library Security Act of 1978
This act makes it a crime to abuse library property.  This includes removing library and Learning Center materials from the buildings without proper authorization; willfully damaging materials, including cutting articles out of books, magazines, and newspapers; and failing to abide by the general rules and regulations set forth by the department.

In a college Library or Learning Lab, students are expected to be able to work quietly and independently without constant supervision.  Students should remember that the Libraries and Learning Labs are places to study and not a place to disturb other students.  Should a staff member ask an individual or a group of students to be quiet more than once, then the individual or group will be asked to leave the building.  Students should refer to the Pearl River Community College Student Handbook for further rules and regulations concerning conduct by students in the Libraries.  Patrons are requested not to eat, drink, smoke, or use tobacco products in the Libraries. Also, the Cat Country Guide states that students are not allowed to bring children on campus.  Celular phones should be turned off in the Libraries.  Cellular phones are restricted to areas outside the buildings.  Use of CD players and tape players with headphones are not permitted in the libraries.  Problems should be brought to the attenetion of the library staff. 

Computer Usage in the Libraries and Learning Labs
A student must leave his/her valid PRCC ID card at the appropriate circulation desk when using a computer.  Users will work quietly at all times.  Print-outs should be limited.  After the 10th page of continuous printing, the cost is 10 cents per page.  Multiple copies of a document are 10 cents per page.  In times of great demand, time limits can be placed on users with priority given to those doing educational research.  In the Learning Labs all students MUST have a disk. 

The computers are to be used for the following--

  • Support of instructional activities
  • Support of independent study, research, and online classes
  • Pursuit of educational information via the Internet
  • MAGNOLIA and other reference databases.
The computers can be used on a limited basis (time restrictions apply), when available, for the following--
  • Internet searches not related to specific educational  programs as long as sites are not visited which are deemed inappropriate in an educational setting
  • E-mail (in the Library computer room)
The computers are not available for the following--
  • Sites deemed obscene or pornographic
  • Chat rooms not associated with traditional or online classes
  • Games
No individual shall access, use, destroy, alter, dismantle, disfigure, or remove programs, technologies, or configurations/settings from any Libraries or Learning Labs computers.