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Sports Pictures from the past
This page is devoted to pictures of past athletics teams.  As more pictures of the teams are discovered, they will be posted.  The dates on some of these teams are unknown.  If you recognize any of these pictures, use the form below to let us know.  (Click on the pictures for full size image.)

This is a photograph of Pearl River County Agricultural High School's
first football team.  The original of this picture hangs in the President's

Another photo of PRCAHS's first football team, taken in 1913.

The date of this picture is uncertain, but it was probably of the 
1914 or 1915 team

This is another team that has not been dated yet.  Judging from
the helmets and uniforms, it is supposed that this team played
sometime in the 1920's

In 1922, E.W. (Goat) Hale began his illustrious coaching career at
Pearl River County Agricultural High School and Junior College.
This is a picture of his second team.  "Goat" Hale is back row, left.

This is another picture of a few of the players on the 1923 team.

This picture of the 1924 football team was taken outside of Jacobs
Hall.  Coach Hale is back row, right.

In 1926, Pearl River Junior College won its first state championship.
Since then, PRC has won thirteen more, including one national
championship.  The only other community college who has come
close to this number is Hinds with eleven state championships.

In 1927, Pearl River College (after winning the state championship)
fielded their team under a new coach, J.F. Stuart.

This picture of the 1927 football team captain and coach was taken
from the 1927 "Satsuma", PRCAHS and JC annual.

The 1927baseball team.

The 1927 Basketball team.

The 1927 Basketball team with Coach Joe Ford.
Coach Ford also taught Chemistry.

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