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I Remember When...

This page is a collection of personal experiences submitted by our faculty, alumni, and friends about life at Pearl River College in the past.  If you have an anecdote you would like to share, be sure to submit it at the bottom of this page.

From Dr. John Grant, Dean of Academic Affairs, PRCC

Just a few comments from my memory and experience concerning Jeff Davis Hall, which we called the "Science Building."  Physics was upstairs with the rest of science until sometime in the 1950s when it moved downstairs.  Rare field goals (Coach Holden's teams never kicked!) would sometimes break windows in the physics lab/classroom where my father, John A. Grant, Sr., taught.  Physics moved to the current science building in 1966 just after I graduated from Pearl River.  In fact, I photographed the building under construction, along with Dobie Holden stadium and the old vocational building, while a student in 1965-1966.

Incidentally, I took chemistry, both lab and lecture, under Jim Barnes
(before he received even his master's degree) in the southwest corner of
the lowest floor of Moody Hall.  Dr. Tiernan's chemistry lab was in the
western end of the second floor of Jeff Davis Hall.

From Roy T. Walker, PRCAHS & PRJC alumnus (1944-1948)

Does anone remember the 40's when all male students were required to be in the ROTC?  I was enrolled at PRC for the summer 1944 session just before my 14th birthday, and I graduated high school in August 1946, just before my 16th birthday.

At that time PRC was more like a military academy than a boarding school.  We had students from all over the US and South America.  We stood regular inspections, marched to the dining room and to all classes.  We were even marched to the movies in town (If our rifles were clean and passed inspection).

I have many fond memories of PRC until 1948 when I was declared a professional student and had to leave for MSU.

From Brenda Burge, Student Accounts Receivable Clerk, PRCC

My dad, Otho Tynes, Jr.,  was born in 1924.    He was  8 years old when he and Berkley Burge were carried to the hospital, which was then located in White Hall, to have their tonsils removed.  He can remember being on the 2nd floor and after surgery being carried down stairs by a young man (they were not allowed to walk).

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