1928 Pearl River College Faculty:

S.L. Stringer

Bernice McMullan
English and Latin

J.P. Culpepper
Dean - History

J.R. Hillman

Willie Mae Ogden
Modern Language

J.A. Bishop

Bernice Galloway

Lena Bratton
English and Latin

Luther Greer
Assistant Agriculturist

Frank Hurst

J.W. Ford

J.C. Harden

Anna M. Patton
Commercial and Secretary

Mrs. J.W. Ford
Home Economics

Ruth McKean
Piano and Voice Director

D.L. Simmons
Science and Athletics

Bessie Loughridge
Hall and Library

Mrs. S.L. Stringer
Head Matron

Mrs. Florence Coker

D.W. Camp
Band Director

Mrs. B.M. Scott


The 1928 Catalog

Over the years, Pearl River College has produced a catalog, beginning with the 1909 catalog, about the school and its benefits.  These catalogs have been a great source of information about PRCC's beginnings.  These pictures were found in the 1928 catalog (original copy in the Alumni Building with a photocopy on file in the PRCC Museum.)  (Click on the pictures for full size image.)

This is a view of the campus taken from about where Highway 11 and West North street
intersect.  Since White Hall was still in the planning stages, Batson Hall is clearly visible
from this vantage point.

This view of the campus was taken from about where White Hall now stands.
Note that College Hall (Moody Hall), which would have been
a little over a year old when this photo was taken, is the building to the far right.

Batson Hall was a dominant structure on campus, and one the school could be proud
of.  Its imposing columnar front gave the school an air of distinction.  Even though
Pearl River county was not a particularly populous area, the facilities were as commanding
as those found at any other AHS in the state, even those in the more populated and 
progressive areas.

College Hall (Moody Hall) was built to accommodate the newly established college.
With over 22,000 square feet, it was as large as any educational building in the southern
part of Mississippi.  Completed in 1926, the building housed college classrooms,
administrative offices, and a combination gym/auditorium on the rear wing.

This architects rendering of White Hall shows a different facade than is seen today.
The original drawing depicts brick columns, but the structure was known to have been
fitted with white columns, in keeping with the other buildings on campus.  Since then,
White Hall's front portico has given way to enclosed stairwells.

The Chemistry lab was probably located in the ground floor of College Hall.  Anyone
having information concerning where this was located should use the form at the 
bottom of the page.

The gas plant was used in the production of electricity on the campus.  Prior to the REA
project, many rural areas were without electricity.  Early on, PRCAHS installed electric
generators.  The school, with its vegetable and farm animal production was very much
a self sustaining institution.

The Girl Reserves Club room was located in Batson Hall.  Anyone having information
about the Girl Reserves should use the form located at the bottom of the page.

The Physics Department was probably located in College Hall (Moody Hall).  Note the
two drawer desk at the rear of the room.  One of these desks can be seen in the
Pearl River Community College Museum located in Hancock Hall.

This is a picture of the Home Economics classroom.  It was probably located in College
Hall (Moody Hall).  Anyone having more information should use the form at the bottom
of the page.

This picture shows that physical education was an important part of school life, even as
early as 1928.

If you have information about the history of Pearl River Community College that you feel would interest the readers or if you find an error in the information in this history, please state it briefly in the box provided.  Please include your name so that you can receive credit for the information you provide.

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