Television and Film Production is a non-transferring course to teach a basic understanding of video and its use as a 21st century film medium. The course provides 2 years of instruction in the techniques of cinematography, sound, lighting, and non-linear editing. The student receives 1 credit hour in College Publications per semester.

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First year:

      First Semester

           Production basics
          Camera Operation
           Lighting a Set for film
           Basic Sound Recording
           Camera Shots

     Second Semester

          Advanced Lighting
          Editing Techniques

     The first year teaches the student the basics of producing film-quality video through hands-on work on actual film sets through the Healthy People Now! Prouductions and through classroom lecture. During this project driven course the student will develop skills in cinematography, lighting techniques, sound design, non-linear editing, scripts, and more.
     Students work on both their own projects and assist on college productions, including, Healthy People Now!, a health-awareness program (funded by the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation) that produces and places health-related DVDs in Pearl River and Hancock county schools. You can watch Healthy People Now! productions here.
     The student will learn basic techniques through “hands-on” experience with high definition video cameras, digital audio production equipment, professional lighting, and state-of-the-art high definition video editing equipment.

Second year:

     First Semester

          Introduction to film production
          Planning and executing a production
          Advanced production techniques

     Second Semester

          The student will play a major role in a class film production (10-30-minute length) that will be submitted to local and regional film festivals.

     The second year builds on the skills learned during the first year and moves the student into a more advanced knowledge of television and film skills.
     The Television and Film Production course will serve as an advanced introduction to a four-year college or university film school, or it will train a student to work as an intern in television or film. It will also teach the basic skills for a career in television or film production and related careers. Although the program is not transferrable, the student will finish the course with a complete portfolio of his/her work during the two-year period and a document stating completion of the course.


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