Surgical Technology

Surgical Technology admits students each January. Application deadline is October 1st of each year.

The mission of the Surgical Technology Program is to provide students with the general and technical education to function as safe, competent surgical technologist in entry level positions. The program also seeks to foster partnership with public, private, and government health care facilities and educational institutions in Mississippi . 

The educational goal of the Surgical Technology Program at PRCC is to prepare the student for satisfactory completion of the program , attainment of national certification , and the above average competence on the job as stated in the Association of Surgical Technologist's Standards of Practice-Description of the Surgical Technologist .

The Surgical Technologist is a highly skilled member of the surgical team, qualified by didactic and clinical education to provide safe and efficient care to the patient in the operating room. Moreover, because of a broad educational background combined with a specialized focus, Surgical Technologist function in a number of diverse areas. Areas of employment can also be in delivery rooms, cast rooms, emergency departments, ambulatory care areas, physicians offices, organ procurement, central sterile processing, sales, and more.

The Surgical Technologist actively participate in surgery by performing scrub and/or circulator duties which include but not limited to the following: pass instruments and supplies to the surgical team, prepare and position the patient, operate medical and surgical equipment, assist the anesthesiologist, keep accurate records, prepare the OR for a surgical procedures by selecting supplies, instruments and equipment according to the surgeon's preference, open supplies and instruments in preparation for surgical procedure, identify and transport the patient to the OR, perform the surgical scrub, gown and glove, assemble and organize sterile supplies, assist in others gowning and gloving, and assist in the preparing the OR for the next surgical procedure.

The didactic education consists of a variety of courses which are shown in the Program of Study for Surgical Technology for an Associate in Applied Science Degree. The student is also provided with Clinical and Surgical Procedures which are provided by closely supervised clinical education in local area hospitals and clinics.

The course of study can be completed in one year for a certificate of proficiency or the student can continue on for the Associate in Applied Science Degree.

The student must exhibit the following occupational skills:
Use fine motor skills and eye hand coordination, both right and left hands.

Perform a full range of body motion, including moving patients and handling, lifting and pushing heavy equipment.

Posses physical stamina as long periods of standing are required.

Wear full surgical attire including personal protective devices.

Withstand unusual sights and smells.

Recognize that the work environment will include exposure to diseases and toxic substances.

Adapt effectively and use appropriate coping skills in environments with high stress to ensure patient safety.

Anticipate the needs and provide emotional support to team members and the patient even in an emergency situation.

Demonstrate attentive behavior by focusing on the task at hand.

Adapt to irregular working hours.

Posses a stable temperament.