Dedicated to production excellence, acting diversity, historical accuracy, and technical proficiency, the Theatre program at Pearl River Community College strives to integrate learning and practical application of theatre. The exhilaration of a performance as well as the preparation, hard work, and dedication required for a successful theatrical production can provide students with experiences unlike any they may have previously encountered. In addition to performance possibilities, acting classes offer a deeper exploration into the art of acting through interactive exercises and scene studies.  Sound, lighting, costumes, and scenery pose unique challenges for every production and students are afforded the opportunity to build, paint, sew, light, and design sound for a myriad of production possibilities. For the general student population, Theatre Appreciation provides a survey of the rich history of the theatre along with an overview of the inner workings of a theatre.

     To inquire about the Theatre program at Pearl River Community College, please call Christopher Flynn at 601-403-1172 or e-mail

Public Speaking

    The ability to communicate effectively is essential to success in a civil society.  Our Public Speaking course is designed to develop students’ abilities to construct and deliver responsible public speeches through: audience analysis; appropriate topic selection; development of credibility; research, organization, and implementation of relevant materials; development of an appropriate introduction and conclusion; and effective delivery of informative and persuasive speeches. 
Students are instructed using the most current edition of the text which includes a virtual website consisting of significant supplemental materials. Recognizing the trend toward technology, classrooms have been equipped with, or are in the process of being equipped with, audio-visual and digital technology to enhance the speech-making process.  Class sizes allow for a smaller, more comfortable learning environment. 
    For students’ convenience, Public Speaking is offered in a variety of ways.  Traditional classrooms are organized in a real-time situation for those students who are able to attend and learn more effectively with traditional interaction.  Hybrid classes are provided for computer-literate students who have time constraints or conflicts.  For  computer-savvy students, online classes are offered to those self-motivated students who choose to enroll in a Public Speaking class but have other full-time responsibilities.