Counseling & Career Planning Services

Special Populations

Special Populations provides educational services for the following students enrolled in Career or Technical programs:

  • Individuals with disabilities

  • Individuals from economically disadvantaged families, including foster children

  • Individuals preparing for nontraditional training and employment

  • Single parents

  • Displaced homemakers

  • Individuals with barriers to educational achievement, including those limited in English proficiency

Special Populations focuses on the recruitment, enrollment, instruction, retention, completion, placement, and follow-up of special populations preparing for high skill, high wage occupations and/or nontraditional employment in new and emerging careers.

Special Populations personnel are available to assist students in adjusting to college life.  They also assist with necessary referrals and can provide information about community assistance.

The personnel of Special Populations also provide assistance in choosing a field of study and can arrange tours to PRCC's various career/technical programs to help students in making a career choice.

The Special Populations personnel are:

  • Deborah Hewett, Forrest County Campus

The Special Populations Department assists students in verifying eligibility for accommodations, and in developing and coordinating plans for the provision of such accommodations.  Special Populations personnel work with students to develop a plan for the provision of reasonable accommodations that are specific to their disability.

Accommodations may include:

  • Letters to instructors requesting accommodations

  • Information coordination and appropriate referrals

  • Liaison services between PRCC faculty/staff and students

  • Study skills and strategies training

  • Individual or small group tutoring

  • Assessment of interest, abilities and special needs

  • Provision of supplementary services, such as curriculum and/or equipment modification, supportive personnel, and academic assistance

Students must register with the Special Populations Coordinator in order to receive reasonable accommodations for disabilities.  Each student should schedule and intake appointment with the Coordinator, provide a recent medical and/or psychological report documenting the disability and assist in developing an individualized service program.

The Related Studies Lab is housed in the Career/Technical Education Building.  The students receive assistance in Reading, Math, and English through computer aided instruction.  Mrs. Mathis and Mrs. Wells are also available to assist individual tutoring or basic skill development.  Students are also assessed with a Learning Styles Inventory and an Interest Inventory to assist in making education and transition plans.

Contact for assistance:

Your Category (below) / Your Major (top)
General Dr. Jim Moore
Dr. Dannell Roberts
Dr. Chris Lundy (FCC)
Dr. Jim Moore (HC)
Ms. Maggie Smith (HC)
Dr. Ann Moore
Dr. Joe Wesley (FCC)
Ms. Maggie Smith (HC)
Dr. Ann Moore
Dr. Joe Wesley (FCC)
Ms. Maggie Smith (HC)
Special Populations Qualified§ .
Ms. Deborah Hewitt (FCC)

Ms. Deborah Hewitt (FCC)
Student Support Services Qualified§§ Ms. Gwen Pugh Ms. Gwen Pugh Ms. Gwen Pugh

§Special Populations qualifications - individuals with disabilities; individuals from economically disadvantaged families, including foster children; individuals preparing for nontraditional training and employment; single parents; displaced homemakers; or individuals with barriers to educational achievement, including those with limited English proficiency.

§§Student Support Services qualifications - full time student plus one or more of the following:  first generation college student; individuals from economically disadvantaged families; individuals with disabilities.

The counseling and Career Center at Pearl River Community College offers career assistance and advisement to all students and potential students of the college.  The Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, age or disability.

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