Counseling Center

Dr. Ann Moore
Counseling, Advisement, and Placement Center Director
B.S., USM; M.S., University of Central Arkansas, Ed.D., USM; additional studies:  Education Technology at Texas A&M and in Psychology and Psychometry at University of Central Arkansas
Crosby Hall, Counseling Center

Ph. (601) 403-1098

email:  amoore

Wendy Hope Smith Aubé
Academic Counselor
M.Ed. in Psychology University of Southern Mississippi
B.S. in Mathematics & Secondary Education University of
Southern Mississippi
A.A. Pearl River Community College
Any additional studies – NBPTS in Mathematics
Ph. (601)-403-1238
Email –

Elaine Smith
Curriculum Specialist
A.A.S. Pearl River Community College, B.S. Mississippi State
University, M.S. University of Southern Mississippi
Any additional studies – Nova Southeastern University
Ph. 601-403-1252
Email –

Zaria Williams
B.S. Physical Education & Exercise Science
University of West Florida 2004
MED Holistic Education
Mercer University 2006
Ph. 601-403-1242
Email -

Jefferson Davis Hall

Gwen Pugh
Academic and Career Counselor for Student Support Services
B.A., William Carey College; M.S., William Carey College
Jefferson Davis Hall, Room 106
ph. (601) 403-1285
email:  gpugh

Forrest County Center

Building 1:

Dr. Chris Lundy
General Academics
B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., Delta State University
Forrest County Center, Building 1
ph. (601) 554-5473
email:  clundy

Dr. Joe Wesley
General Career/Technical Counselor
B.S., Paine College; M.Ed., Florida A&M University
Forrest County Center, Building 1
email:  jwesley

Deborah E. Hewitt
Special Populations Counselor
B.F.A., Mississippi University for Women; M.Ed., USM
Forrest County Center, Building 1
ph. (601) 554-5503
email:  dhewitt

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General Wendy Aube'
Lori Allemond (HC)
Dr. Chris Lundy (FCC)
Ms. Maggie Smith (HC)
Dr. Ann Moore
Dr. Joe Wesley (FCC)
Ms. Maggie Smith (HC)
Dr. Ann Moore
Dr. Joe Wesley (FCC)
Ms. Maggie Smith (HC)
Special Populations Qualified§ .
Ms. Deborah Hewitt (FCC)

Ms. Deborah Hewitt (FCC)
Student Support Services Qualified§§ Ms. Gwen Pugh Ms. Gwen Pugh Ms. Gwen Pugh

The counseling and Career Center at Pearl River Community College offers career assistance and advisement to all students and potential students of the college.  The Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, age or disability.