College Publications

College Publications (JOU 1111, JOU 1121, JOU 2111, and JOU 2121) is a one-year, non-tranferring course of study that prepares the student for a media future. Currently, there are three distinct areas of opportunity:

Television and Film Production

College Newspaper

Electronic Publishing

     Students learn the basics of electronic publishing through hands-on experience working on the Wildcat CD-ROM annual. This class teaches digital photography and photo editing, basic videography skills, web page skills, and basic skills in electronic graphic design. Some of the programs used are: Adobe Photoshop, Irfanview, Netscape Composer, and more.

Positions include: Senior Editor, Assistant Senior Editor, Page Editor, Graphics Editor, Videographer, Photographer, Video Editor, Music Editor.

Students are required to meet 1 hour class time and 2 hours laboratory time each week during the fall semester. During spring semester, students are required to meet 3 hours laboratory time each week. For a sylabus for this class, click here.

Scholarship funds are limited, so apply early. Applicants are accepted prior to the spring semester and persons applying at this time will be accepted in the spring based on position availability.

Students must apply for a position on the yeardisk staff, because positions and scholarships are limited. To apply for Year Disk Staff (Electronic Publishing), click here to download a printable (.pdf) file. Fill out the form and mail or bring it to:

Ronn Hague
Hancock Hall
Pearl River Community College
101 Highway 11 North
Poplarville, MS  39470

You may wish to call to determine if all positions have been filled. Call: 601-403-1316.

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