Counseling & Career Planning Services

Cooperative Education, Student Employment

The Cooperative Education, Student Employment Programs, and Internships combine classroom instruction with work experience related to a particular major.  Students generally attend school full-time and work part-time.  Alternating semesters of school and work is another option.


  • Helps students clarify career goals.
  • Helps students understand the work environment and how to be successful employees.
  • Provides employer with flexible, qualified workers.
  • Enhances communication between employers and PRCC.
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General Dr. Jim Moore
Dr. Dannell Roberts
Dr. Chris Lundy (FCC)
Dr. Jim Moore (HC)
Ms. Maggie Smith (HC)
Dr. Ann Moore
Dr. Joe Wesley (FCC)
Ms. Maggie Smith (HC)
Dr. Ann Moore
Dr. Joe Wesley (FCC)
Ms. Maggie Smith (HC)
Special Populations Qualified§ .
Ms. Deborah Hewitt (FCC)

Ms. Deborah Hewitt (FCC)
Student Support Services Qualified§§ Ms. Gwen Pugh Ms. Gwen Pugh Ms. Gwen Pugh

The counseling and Career Center at Pearl River Community College offers career assistance and advisement to all students and potential students of the college.  The Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, age or disability.

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