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Fill out this form.  Include your question at the bottom.  Be sure to fill in your email address for our response.  Make known any requests you may have.  If you have questions that need a voice response, you may call our Department of Recruitment and Orientation at 601-403-1197, (you may wish to contact us by emailing us),  or if you require a mail response, write to:

Department of Recruitment and Orientation
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phone 601-403-1197


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General Information Package
Financial Aid Consumer's Guide
PRCC Catalog
Scholarship Information
Admissions Application
Housing Application & Info Sheet
General Brochure

Please specify if any of the following applies to you:

Freshman in High School
Sophomore in High School
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I would be interested in participating in the following:

Women's Softball
Modeling Team
Flags (band)
S.P.A.R.C. (student host/hostess organization)
RiverRoad (Show Choir)
String of Pearls (Dance Team)
Annual Staff (Compact Disk Yeardisk)
Newspaper Staff

Some students may qualify for support services.  If you are financially disadvantaged, if you have a disability, or if neither of your parents graduated from a four-year college, you may qualify.  Do any of the above apply to you?

yes, at least one of the above applies to me
no, none of the above applies to me
not sure

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