Name . Position Phone Number
Dr. William Lewis President 601-403-1200
Dr. John Grant Vice President for Instruction 601-403-1209
Mr. Chuck Abadie Director of Public Relations 601-403-1312
Mr. Scott Alsobrooks Director of Workforce Education 601-554-4645
Dr. Becky Askew Chief Planning Officer 601-403-1318
Dr. Adam Breerwood Dean of Student Services 601-403-1217
Dr. Cecil Burt Dean of Forrest County Center (Hattiesburg) 601-554-5506
Mr. J. Dow Ford Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management 601-403-1216
Mr. Steve Howard Chief Technology Officer 601-403-1111
Mr. Roger Knight Dean of Business Services 601-403-1207
Mr. Ernie Lovell of Development Foundation/Alumni Association 601-403-1191
Mr. Richard Mathis Athletic Director 601-403-1175
Ms. Valerie Horne Director of Financial Aid 601-403-1212
Mr. Craig Tynes Director of Physical Plant 601-403-1157
Mr. Don Welsh Director of Career-Technical 
Education Programs (Poplarville)